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April 2019
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Nnamdi Azikiwe University,

PMB 5025,


Anambra State.


The President,

Joan Agha Foundation,

1b Omorinre Johnson Close, Lekki Phase1,

Lagos State.

Dear Madam,


With a heart full of joy and appreciation, I write to offer my wholehearted gratitude to you, madam, and to all the board members of your great Foundation for the scholarship you have given me. I fervently thank God for your prodigious kindness and immense generosity to me; and I earnestly pray Him that He bless you all and your families abundantly.

In the same vein, I greatly appreciate the efforts of all those who are working with you and who worked in one way or the other to ensure that I receive the scholarship.

Again, may the good Lord continue to pour His multiple blessings and divine favours in your lives that your cups may begin to overflow.

Thank you, madam; thank you dear board members; thank you all; God bless Joan Agha Foundation. Amen.

Yours faithfully,

Chinedu Martin Onuh.



Dear Mummy, I am very pleased to share with you my first semester experience in the University of Uyo.

The University of Uyo is an educational institution which is widely recognised in Nigeria. It is located in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state and was established on October 1, 1991. It has 12 faculties and 76 departments including Mechanical Engineering which I study. My university has been my first choice because I believe that it has the ability to provide the quality education I needed.

On my arrival in the college, I felt very nervous because it was first day. I was determined to be the best in everything I was to do.  At first I didn't know how to get to classes, I had to ask one student or the other about the building where I was to receive lectures. It was a very difficult day because I had  to search for the school time table and locate the various lecture hall. At the ending of the day, I left school without attending a lecture. Time after time, I started coping with the school activities . During the first week, I had to present all my documents for the financial , departmental and faculty officers to sign before I proceed into the registration of courses . It was a bit stressful and time consuming because I had to queue for about to hours before it gets to my turn. I also purchased some text books necessary for my course, together with some writing and drawing materials and lab coat used in the laboratory to carry out practicals.

My stay at the college has really created a positive impact in my life. I saw a huge difference between secondary school and a higher institution. There I learnt listening skills and note taking which required more skills, focus and concentration. I also learnt how to make my own note and also effective studying skills. I spent most of my leisure hours in the library and attended night classes.

On the 16th of April marked our matriculation ceremony which went well. The vice-chancellor Prof. Mrs Comfort Ekpo disclosed in her speech that not fewer than 7691 students were admitted last year into the institution. The vice chancellor speech was followed by our declaration as a student. It was a very huge ceremony whereby Parents froms different home came to cheer up their celebrants. A week after the matriculation was , It was back to bussiness , we were given term papers and projects to do some research and submit at a given period of time. The test later came  up and I put more effort in my studies. The test was followed up by the first semester examinations which was concluded with the physics examination. This is my experience in the first semester in the university.

Once again , Thank you Mummy for giving me the priviledge to be at this level of education. You are truely a blessing to Me and the nation. May the Lord continue to stregthen you and the Joan Agha Foundation as you continue to do his works.

--Hope Camillus

JAF Scholarship Beneficiary

"I cannot thoroughly express my gratitude because I am of short words. I want to bless God for giving Joan Agha Foundation capacity to be functional, grace to operate. I want to thank the entire staff of the organisation for believing in me and making schooloing realizable."

-Okebugwu Chidi Bruce

JAF Scholarship Beneficiary

"I want to thank you for giving me a rare opportunity of achieving my dreams, goals and aspirations. you have been a source of inspiration to me. You stood by me when all hope was lost, you p[icked me up when i fell and gave me hope and today i'm  done with my  first session in in the university"

Ibe-Iwuoha Chukwuma H.

JAF Scholarship Beneficiary

"you made comfortable in the class room by paying my school fees, you made me read well without fear of being chased away from the school because of school fees. I passsed my junior WAEC in flying colours"

-Akunwata Chinasa



A young man’s song.

What is life?

What is success?

What does it mean to know and love God in others especially people you barely know?

Well, that is JOAN’S LEGACY. Your talent is God gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God. Your talent could be your God given abilities uniquely typical of you or your blessings in terms of financial strength and endowment.

Good day dear friends my name is Ifeanyi C. Onuegbu. I hail from ihitte Uboma local government area of Imo state Nigeria. Life means many things for so many people. Some say life means enjoyment, a journey, a phase, a riddle; some say life is a place we can serve our creator. But for me life meant nothing but pain, emptiness, frustration and bitterness. I was a bright child at a very young age… or at least I could say I was averagely above most of my pair. It went on so until I gained admission into the Lagos state university of Nigeria. So it was until the actual pain and reality of life started surfacing. “I used to think life was milk and honey.” first I lost my father and two years after my mother followed him to the great beyond making myself and 5 other of my siblings orphans at a very young age. I couldn’t continue with education as there was basically nowhere to get money to do so and yet maintain the home with the basic home requirement as kids. I thought of selling properties but we hadn’t any… my parents were not in the rich class of the economy so we could not boast of a car, land or business or anything else worth exchange for money.

It becomes most painful when age group mock you, bills pile up and psychological balance is lost. We were on our own!

We grew pail and really unkempt.

This reminds me of the Ghanaian Proverb that says “dogs don’t actually prefer bones to meat, it just that no one gives them meat” we were dogs in this case or maybe worse.

I started washing plates in restaurants for a 100 naira pay daily, sold pure water in traffic and later became a bus conductor...then it’s either touts beat you and collect the money you have made or after your whole sale for the day you might be unable to spell out any reasonable amount made.

As a conductor, today police may arrest you and your driver for incomplete papers or tomorrow LASTMA makes you pay for wrong parking and there is a third....... the vehicle could just become faulty for no particular reason and might make us not work at all for weeks.

I went out in search of Job but no one would give or offer any to a secondary school cert holder. Pay was worse than peanut in my area and if at all, was hard to come by. While this went on, I had already developed a severe chest pain, making me dependant on drugs. I felt the pain of life’s wipe flogging me.

This situation actually brought in a silly and selfish thought and yes I eventually considered “SUICIDE!!”

Thank God I was saved and counseled by a Catholic Priest Rev. Fr. Mike Emerue C.Ss.R who introduced me to a Foundation called Joan Agha foundation “JAF”

That man became the first God I saw in the midst of my Predicament.

The President of the Foundation after hearing my story shed tears. In amazement I watched as a drop fell from her eyes.

She reached for her handkerchief and wiped it. That was a heart of love. The real love Jesus preached.

Now for the first time in my whole life a woman who never knew me from Adam, Isn’t from my village or state or have I done anything for her before to deserve her kindness, wiped my rolling tears. She gave me a cheque and asked me to go back to school and obtain my bachelor degree as she wants better life for me.  I never knew whether to kneel or cry, to jump and shout, to hug or to laugh. I never believed a being like her still exists in this world let alone Nigeria. This woman is Joan Agha the President/Founder of Joan Agha Foundation. She made me understand that her dream and vision was to make sure that the hope and aspiration of the under privileged in our society is not aborted. But it did not end there, she told me she will offer me free scholarship until I obtain Bachelor degree and to God be the glory, today I am a 300Level student of computer science at the Lagos State University. I kept asking myself, how many Nigerians will do this? Not for one child or two or five but for hundreds of children, widows, sick and most abandoned.

Well for me, I feel blessed to have had an opportunity so rare and God help me, I will not take it for granted.

In fact I have already started a campaign by means of written articles, bus motivational talks, seminars etc and I have written well over five books but have had the privilege to publish just one “Only the tough last”



” This has been a life changing experience for me. I am grateful to the organizers and trainers; they have done amazing things that I cannot thank them enough for. I have learnt and I feel empowered to take over the world”  Adebanjo Janet Adenike

“This is a lifetime opportunity which I treasure so much. I learnt something’s I was not aware of and corrected my flaws. My first lesson was on GRATITUDE by our mum Mrs. Joan Agha. Thank you Joan Agha Foundation for this and everyone who supported. I appreciate the facilitators for their patience and time to instill this knowledge. All thanks belong to God Almighty for making it a success. I wish it’s not ending but there is time and now is the appointed time to end the lesson. I will be forever grateful “    Ayooluwa Oluwatosin Lovelyn


“The training and our facilitators has been wonderful so far, they gave us their time and we so much appreciate them. They have brought out the best we never knew we had so far. May almighty God keep enlarging your coast. Thank You”  Olaiya Oluwabusolami

“This seminar provides roadmap to entrepreneurial success promotes entrepreneurship and provides the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed.”

----- Omolola Oni

“This seminar provides smart, practical and forward looking ideas for addressing the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs in today’s ever more complicated business environment.”

-----Abere Elizabeth

‘’I have learnt a lot today, my experience has been overwhelming and exciting. I got to meet people and learnt a lot of life lessons from the panellist sharing their life experiences and things that comes up, challenges and how to overcome them and sacrifices to make to build yourself and your brand. My experience has been nothing short of amazing and I look forward to coming next year with my testimony ‘’

-----Adam Shan,Makeup Artist  

‘’We will like to give a shout out to Joan Agha Foundation. It’s our first time coming for lectures and we have gained so much and will pass these information’s to our friends and family members. We had amazing time, Mental health talk was amazing and great panellist. We are relay glad we came. FANTASTIC PLATTFORM ‘’

-----Gbemi and Swanssey


‘’I was invited by Joan Agha Foundation to this event. I was really touched by the impact Joan Agha Foundation has done over the years. From the little research I made, they have impacted directly in Nigeria a lot of youth and women. As the saying, If you empower a woman, you have empowered the world. This event was amazing to me as it’s a great honour and privilege to speak among other panellist to give back. We basically shared our story and journey as I believe everyone who came were impacted. Once again, thank you for having me’’

-----Buky Ashehinde,Founder, Bellafricana